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Your Body Wants to Heal

Are you feeling like your productivity or lack there of defines who you are? Are you so busy with “the doing” of work, raising kids, errands and other pulls of your time that the thought of your own health seems frivolous or something you will get to later? I am here to confirm that that your health is waiting for you each day, waiting to embrace you as you embrace the people you love. Our bodies are meant to heal. We have trillions of cells in our body! They are performing all sorts of activities each day, like transmitting brain signals, producing mitochondria for energy and are responsible for sipping up oxygen and releasing pesky carbon dioxide. Amazing things are happening within our body each day and although we can be pulled out of balance, our body is constantly trying to right itself and to heal. Take for example, a simple cut that happens on the skin. At first the cut bleeds and we clean it out, we then might put on some ointment and a band aid. After a day or two the band aid comes off and we notice a slight scabbing or healing of the wound. We aren’t thinking about the healing but it is happening as we go on with our daily life. Now imagine that idea on a bigger scale of your body taking thoughts, information, food, lotions on the skin, sounds, smells and trying to assimilate all of that each and every second into our body. This is called Ahara in Ayurveda or that which we take in. We need time, space and quality to absorb and assimilate that which we take in, both physically and mentally. In our busy, and for most of us, media based world, we are taking in an enormous amount of information. If we do not get enough quality sleep, an intake of food that nourishes our personal DNA (in Ayurveda, the personal doshic composition or Prakruti) and consistent mental health breaks, we become depleted. This will most probably lead to a lessening of good health and energy. Here’s the really wonderful news: Our bodies are designed to heal! The catch is that we have to believe they can and that small & consistent changes are worth the short and long term benefits. Our Health is not a check on our to do list. It’s how we flow throughout our day with more energy and with better mental calm. Good Health affords us support when those stressful moments in life keep us a bit more on alert. Ayurveda is ALL about finding the balance and knowing when and how to speed up, slow down or let go. Right now, ground your feet to the floor, take a slow and deep inhale through the nose with closed eyes and think “the true me is the well me.”

Want a full Ayurvedic Consultation to understand your Prakruti and how to stay or become more balanced? Make an appointment with me and we will work to discover how your body wants to heal!

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