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Keep Cool in the Pitta Season

We are entering the season of summer which in Ayurveda has a heavier emphasis on the dosha Pitta (which is fire & water). Pitta energy is known as "that which digest things" whether that be our food or thoughts. In balance, this "digestion" brings a beautiful warmth and color to the body. Our eyesight is clear and we are able to succinctly discern information. Noon, the pitta time of day, is the ideal time to have your largest meal of the day, as physical digestion is at its peak. Getting to bed around 10pm (utilizing lingering Kapha energy) is ideal as by midnight Pitta is busy digesting thoughts and impressions. It is best to not interrupt or delay this critical downloading of information and intuition while sleeping.

We all look forward to the warmth, sun and longer days that summer promises. Pitta is at its peak in the western hemisphere during this time period in nature and in our bodies. It is warm, even hot, and all sorts of plants are growing and coming into their fruition. This is a time of year that can be highly beneficial for those of a Vata nature (air and ether) but can be aggravating to the Kapha Dosha and in particular, the Pitta Dosha or variations of Pitta Dosha (dual Dosha humans). How do you know if your Pitta Dosha is aggravated?

You are more prone to skin challenges and rashes, you have an overactive digestion/acidity, burning or sensitivity of the eyes, increased anger, irritability or impatience. These are some of the signs to calm those fiery pitta qualities so they do not spread within the body and cause dis-ease.

How to Calm the Pitta Fire?

  • Take time to unwind. Find the calm within to create calm outside of yourself

  • Meditation or quiet time (unplugged from technology) to center & relax

  • Coolness: cool sleeping space, swimming, cool to luke warm showers, cool wash clothes against the neck or wrists

  • Avoid the direct heat of the sun, especially in that noon-2ish time period

  • Enjoy less strenuous and competitive physical activity and avoid outdoor exercise unless in the cool time of day or under shade (like an early morning hike)

  • Walk or sit under the soft light of the moon

  • Favor naturally sweet & cooling tastes like coconut, mango, berries, mint

  • Aromatherapy can be beneficial both physically and mentally. Rose, jasmine, mint, sandalwood are some of my favorites. Bedtime is an especially good time to benefit from aromatherapy and calming the body/mind for deeper sleep.

Pitta is all about transformation and taking the things we absorb and creating something new. Pitta transforms food into energy for our cells, information into knowledge and intuition into action. Keeping this energy in balance is important and as a very wise teacher shared with me on more than one occasion, "the best way to pacify pitta is to remove hurry, curry and worry."

Want to know more about your Prakruti (primary) Dosha(s) and how you can healthfully maneuver in your world with more calm and cool?

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