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Your Fitness Forever

Personal Training at your Pace!

Do I Really Need a Personal Trainer?

It can be intimidating to start or restart a gym routine. Working with a Certified Personal Trainer ensures that you are focused on form and a progression of movements that will safely lead you to more strength and physical fitness abilities. Heather, CPT, will work with you literally every step of the way to make sure you feel confident and ready at every personal training session and in your day to day activity!

What You Can Expect: 

 The first Personal Training Session

will be a fitness assessment and SMART goal setting followed by a brief workout.

Subsequent sessions will be customized workouts designed to build on your skills & strength for progression.

If you are looking for functional fitness using basic home equipment and your own body weight with a focus on form, we will be a successful team working together to achieve

your goals!

Each Paid Session is 1 hour in length

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