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Your Ayurvedic Consulation

Get Started on Feeling Better Today!

Your Ayurvedic Consulation can help :

  • Immunity

  • Digestion

  • Quality of Sleep

  • Hormone Balance

  • Equanimity of your emotions

  • Energy & many other health goals

Ayurveda is whole body and mind approach to your health and overall wellness. During your 90 minute Ayurvedic consultation we will explore your health history and discuss your personal concerns and health goals.  Ayurveda approaches the whole person and as such I will support you in understanding how, by increasing or decreasing certain foods, lifestyle choices and even schedules, you can shift your health to a more positive direction. This consultation is prescriptive to you and based on your unique composition and current needs. Sometimes your imbalance, known as the Vikruti, may be quickly realigned through simple changes and a brief amount of time. Sometimes, the imbalance may have been developing longer and therefore require a longer period of time and lifestyle adjustment regimen. Your first consultation will be a comprehensive review of your overall health history, your lifestyle patterns over time and especially, currently, as well as social stressors that affect your daily life. Your face, eyes, tongue and pulse (if you are an in person consultation) will be reviewed. You will be asked a progressive series of questions in regards to your intake (food, water, sleep, screen time etc) as well as your removal of wastes (physical activity, sweat, bathroom habits etc). Options for creating increased wellness may include dietary changes, time of day adjustments, seasonal adjustments, physical activity recommendations, stress reduction techniques, better breathing options with or without meditation, external/body care options, as well as one herb or multi-herb Ayurvedic formulations. You can be assured that the changes suggested will fit within your stated perimeters and can regularly be integrated into your day/night. Changes can be made as you feel better and need less robust support.

Ultimately, the True You is the Well You! 

Ayurvedic Services: Welcome
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